In brief: The developing story of Maribrush!

Maribrush is a successfull family-runned company whose owners continued the name Tieman throughout the years. In the year 1912 Maribrush was founded – no doubt a special moment!

Originally Maribrush started as a trading and production company located in Rotterdam and founded by great–grandfather Nicolaas Tieman; at that time he was 38 years old.

In the year 1918 Nicolaas purchased his first warehouse annex office and in the subsequent years after this important moment the company grews in a spectacular way.

Marinus, the oldest son of founder Nicolaas Tieman, worked close together with his father and eight employees to develop the company ultimately resulting into a representative and good running day-to-day enterprise targeting the industry.

In the beginning the activities were the production and export of tabacco-related products completed with a division cleaning products for the industry; later followed by new products for painting-companies; constantly adapted to new market–developments.

After the Wall Street crash of 1929 business became more and more difficult. The economic depression in the Thirties and its follow-up by The Second World War the company's growth was seriously stagnating.

The Fifties were years of change and in that period new developments followed each other in quick succession particulary in the application areas.

New markets such as the Do-It-Yourself industry (DIY) were developed and new unknown products found their way to the consumer. It is interesting to know that the supermarket-concept can be traced back to that period.

An example of a typical novelty in this complete new productrange was the paintroller; discovered in 1940 by the Canadian Norman Breakey. An example of an entirely new and unknown product at that time but… Marinus Tieman - the new owner of the company - was a man of vision and he said yes! to this novelty. He had a natural interest in new market-developments and a special devotion to novelties as well. He followed the new market-developments in the United States additionally informed by members of his family who immigrated to California and Florida early the Fifties.

One of these new developed products was this simple paintroller in order to work easier and quicker than the traditional paintbrush. Marinus was considering new possibilities with paintrollers for his delivery-program. The paintroller was really an unique discovery in the Fourties and Fifties. Later it became clear that his vision was good and... in that period he even started a local paintroller-production. In fact, he introduced and placed the paintroller on the Dutch market.

This was the beginning of a successful period finally resulting in modern company for glassfibre processing and flooring tools in Europe. No doubt, the paint- and flooringroller became a great success for his company.

Today millions of painting- and flooringrollers leave many assembly-lines all over The World.

Throughout the years, Maribrush has built up an interesting history and even today development is still going on. Many famous companies in The Netherlands and in Belgium contributed to the development of the Maribrush success.

Some examples of prominent customer companies:

PHILIPS-Divisions in The Netherlands and in Belgium – Akzo (Paints and Coatings) - BASF – Rijksinkoopbureau (Purchasing Office for The Government) – Defense/Dutch Royal Army - Defense/Dutch Royal Air Force – Fokker Airplane Factories – Verolme Shipyards – Sikkens Paintfactories - Van der Giessen-De Noord Shipyards (Glassfibre Lifeboats for the Dutch Royal Navy) – DAF Trucs and Automobiles and many, many more …

Today Maribrush is a modern company where Ruud Tieman (3rd generation) runs, together with his son Martijn (Martin), an unique specialty. This means an under licence production of excellent quality (fluff-free) paint– and coatingrollers and special tools for glassfibre and epoxy-/polyurethane processing and flooring industry as well.

Meanwhile the name Maribrush became a wellknown name among most glassfibre producing and epoxyflooring companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and in other countries Worldwide as well. Many epoxy- and polyurethane (PU) floors have been finished with fluff-free rollers of Maribrush and many glass-fibre ships were built with Maribrush rollers and tools.

Nowadays the activities take place from a complete new warehouse and office at Nootdorp (The Hague area) directly located along the A12 highway from The Hague – Utrecht to Oberhausen (Germany)

This was Maribrush in the blink of an eye before and after the year 2012, the 100-year anniversary of the company!

Maribrush - Polytools

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Martijn (Martin) W. Tieman